How to hire & secure the best talent

by admin in Job Market, Stats & Researches 21/04/2015

People are the most valued asset a company can ever have. One of the most frustrating thing in a business is hiring. Recruiting and retaining the right resource is getting challenging day by day. Remember they are Hard to find and easy to Lose.

With our experience & research we have learned that there are two key reasons for this:

1. Delays in the recruitment process
2. Salary negotiation breakdown

The end to end recruitment process can at times be a long drawn out process. It typically takes our clients 1-2 months to fill a Mid & Executive vacancy, with 25% of assignments taking at least 3 months. Therefore, considerable time and financial investment are required on client part and once you’ve identified the ideal candidate for a job role, losing that individual due to unforeseen delays is the last thing you want.

Why they may decide not to join
Unnecessary delays in the recruitment process can be a real cause for frustration for candidates who have mentally decided to forge ahead with their career plans – only to find that the potential employer is on ‘go slow’. They could start doubting whether or not they should join your organization on the basis that if it takes this length of time to make a recruitment decision, how long will it take to make long and short-term business decisions? It also casts a doubt as to whether they are actually wanted by you or not.

Susceptible to the counter offer
This level of uncertainty in the candidate’s mind could also increase their susceptibility to succumb to any one of the several retention techniques their current employer could apply in a bid to retain their employment.

The true cost of recruitment delays – for you
There is a painful cost attached to delays experienced during the recruitment process. During such time business opportunities can be missed, decisions may be stalled, the corporate direction may be lost and staff morale can suffer. That’s why an increasing number of clients are looking to us to rapidly fill in the positions.