This document clarifies the process of sending the Monthly Attendance for processing the Payroll. Section 1: How and When Attendance is submitted. Compiling monthly attendance is the HR Head’s responsibility in the prescribed format to the Finance for processing the payroll.  HR Dept. to cross check and verify the electronic attendance data collected from the Read more about ATTENDANCE PROCESS[…]



Induction process is vital for new hires. A well conducted induction ensures new hires are retained, and then settled in speedily and comfortably in a constructive role. Induction process is about the basics that seasoned employees take for granted: the work culture, history of the organization, mission & vision, the key functional heads, office timings; Read more about INDUCTION PROCESS[…]

The hiring process from candidate search to job offer.


Recruitment – Placing the Right Person in Right Place at Right Time Vacancy is known in two situations (generally): An employee leaves the organization and there is a vacancy created Due to Business Growth the position is created The Company pursues an open hiring policy. As far as possible the Company will first consider existing Read more about RECRUITMENT & SELECTION PROCESS[…]