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Questions to ask to a recruitment agency

by admin 19/05/2015 0 comments

We all believe that there are plenty of unskilled recruiters and unprofessional recruitment agencies in the market. Engaging with them always turns out to be a bad experience. Finding out that one recruitment agency that can understand your pain area and deliver the desired results takes time and effort.

You may be receiving tens of empanelment proposals from recruitment companies. They all claim to be the most successful and efficient recruitment vendor. So how do you figure out who to work with and do you ask them the right questions?

Make sure you have asked these questions before empaneling a new recruitment agency.

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How to hire & secure the best talent

by admin 21/04/2015 0 comments

People are the most valued asset a company can ever have. One of the most frustrating thing in a business is hiring. Recruiting and retaining the right resource is getting challenging day by day. Remember they are Hard to find and easy to Lose.

With our experience & research we have learned that there are two key reasons for this:

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