About Us

Bluegean is a premier and professionally managed recruiting, staffing and HR consultancy organization. We specialize in BFSI, IT, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, E-Learning and Gaming industry.

We at BlueGean are actively supported by a team of highly experienced and professional experts. They understand the diverse needs of various industries.

Our dedicated team of executive search experts strive to constantly provide the highest levels of service and are valued by both customers and candidates alike for their personal attention, commitment, respect and absolute discretion. In other words, we are committed to creating “relationships that make a difference”. We focus on the problem in hand and always work in close partnership with our clients.

Our focus has always been on not just the middle and senior management talent needs but also the bulk hiring needs as well. We recruit across various industry segments for Startups, SME’s & multinational corporations as well as leading Indian business houses we operate through domain-specialist teams providing customized recruitment solutions across 16 industry verticals.

At Bluegean we’ve always tried to create a Fun and hard-working environment for our staff, and to maintain a small, focused team. That way our customers can get the expert attention they expect, and no middle management to get in the way.

What size businesses do you assist?

We help ALL size businesses. Even if you are Idea-level startup and recruiting your first employee or have successfully hired thousands – We have a hiring solution for you. Give us a call!

Are there any hidden fees?

No! Whether you are using our Flat Fees Recruitment Service or our Fixed CTC based percentage fees, you do not have to pay anything extra. Services include job advertising,resume prescreening, preliminary  interviewing, and employment verification. There are no additional fees!

Do you offer replacement guarantee?

We offer a 30-90 day replacement guarantee, based on the hiring plan you have opted for…if you hire someone and they do not work out in the given replacement period, we will replace that candidate at no additional cost.

Why are your fees so LOW?

We all know recruiting is very costly process for startups and SME’s. We believe that recruiting does not have to be an expensive burden for already cash crunched small size businesses. We want to help you hire quality employees for less. WHY pay MORE???

When do we get billed?

We have a custom made hiring solution for every budget. You can choose from our low cost Prepaid or Postpaid hiring solutions. Call us for more details!!

30 days Guaranteed Delivery
24x7 Support
Up to 90 Days Replacement Guarantee
100% Refundable Retainer
Flexible Fee Structure